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Corner of tab Beaches and Coastal Systems  

About Beaches and Coastal Systems

"To protect, restore, and manage Florida's coastal system"

No other state and very few countries can boast such an abundance of high quality beaches

In order to protect, preserve, and manage Florida’s valuable sandy beaches and adjacent and coastal system, the Legislature adopted the Florida Beach and Shore Preservation Act, contained in to Parts I and II of Chapter 161, Florida Statutes. The Act provides three interrelated programs administered by the Department of Environmental Protection which work in concert to accomplish the task, those programs are: the Coastal Construction Control Line program, the Beach Erosion Control Program, and the Coastal Construction Program. 

The Coastal Protection and Engineering Program (Coastal Construction Control Line Permitting) protects the beach and dune system from imprudent upland construction that could weaken, damage or destroy the integrity of the beach and dune system...more 

The Beach Management Funding Assistance (BMFA) Program (formerly the Beach Erosion Control Program) provides for management of coastal sediments to reduce erosion stress and restoration and maintenance of critically eroding beaches...more 

The Coastal Construction Program or the Environmental Permitting Program (Joint Coastal and Environmental Resource Permitting) protects the shoreline from activities that could contribute to erosion...more

In order to provide the necessary data collection to support the regulatory and beach management programs described above, the Bureau administers the Coastal Data Acquisition Program. This program is responsible for regional surveys and monitoring of the state’s sandy beach shoreline, as well as developing and maintaining the Bureau's Coastal GIS database...more

The Engineering, Hydrology and Geology Program provides the necessary research and analysis to support the regulatory and beach management programs with science-based decisions. The coastal engineering staff models shoreline changes, determines erosion rates and areas of critical erosion, and conducts regional offshore sand searches...more

Explore this website for more information on the Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems, or call our office at (850)487-4475.

Last updated: July 08, 2014

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