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Beach Management Funding Assistance (BMFA) Program

(Formerly the Beach Erosion Control Program)

How to Send Data Files

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the most popular method for transferring electronic files to a predetermined location. It is designed to transfer files between two computers over the Internet. Generally this service is used when files are too large to send as attachments via email however it can be used as the standard method for sharing data files. This is a free service available to anyone with an active internet connection.

You may use Windows Explorer or any of the many free FTP clients available on the internet to access the site.

The following web link will open a new browser window to data file transfer site:



Accessing the FTP Site

Use one of the following methods to access the FTP site:

  1. Copy the link above into the address bar of Windows Explorer and hit the Enter key or,
  2. Using Internet Explorer, click the above link, then select one of the following from the newly opened window 
    • From the Command Bar select Page>Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer
    • From the Menu Bar select View>Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer
    • For a more detailed explanation with pictures, download instructions
  3. Use an FTP Client to access the site

Once you have connected to the FTP site, you can then copy and paste, or drag and drop files from your computer to the FTP Site window. When all files are added, simply close the FTP window and you’re done.

Once you have  placed files in the incoming folder please send an email to Arlene Acevedo (Arlene.Acevedo@dep.state.fl.us) as notification that new files have been submitted. Your file(s) will be moved to the appropriate county file on the BMFA Funding Assistance Requests by County web page.


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Why Restore Eroded Beaches?

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Staff Contacts

Would you like to view rules and regulations regarding beach restoration?

Chapter 62B-36, Florida Administrative Code
Beach Erosion Control Assistance Program

Note: the following link opens in a separate window

Chapter 161, Florida Statutes
Beach and Shore Preservation

Last updated: January 18, 2017

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