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Beach Management Program Documents


Statewide Strategic Beach Management Plan

The strategic beach management plan (updated in June 2015) describes the critical eroded shoreline and the strategies for addressing the erosion. The plan uses sub regions chosen for their coastal uniqueness and continuity as the basic planning unit and provides over-all direction to the state program. The Long Range Budget Plan implements the strategic plan.

Long Range Budget Plans

In the 1998/99 fiscal year, the Department initiated long range budget planning, in order to move away from beach management focused on local short term needs. The Department is currently assisting local governments in developing their Long Range Beach Management Plans. Once developed, these plans will emphasize a regional approach to beach management which will encourage coordination among local governments, lower costs, and provide long term solutions to beach erosion. The long range planning time is 10 years.

Local Government Funding Requests 

The Fixed Capital Outlay Local Government Funding Request is a prioritized list of beach erosion control projects developed annually based on funding requests submitted by local sponsoring governments. The document is organized in two sections: “Beach Restoration and Nourishment Projects” and “Inlet Sand Bypassing/Inlet Management Plan Implementation Projects”.  Each section contains a list of eligible projects ranked in priority order, based on the authority in Sections 161.101 and 161.143, F.S. and the procedures outlined in Chapter 62B-36, Florida Administrative Code. Projects have been evaluated by DEP, based on consistency with the Strategic Beach Management Plan, permitting status, readiness to proceed with the proposed funding phase, and the appropriateness of the amount of funding requested.

Annual Financial Summary and Accountability Reporting

In the Laws of Florida Chapter 2012-65, Subsection (20) of section 161.101, Florida Statutes was amended to require annual reporting for the current fiscal year to be submitted with the Fixed Capital Outlay Local Government Funding Request.

FY2013/2014 Beach Management Funding Assistance Proviso Report

In the Fiscal Year 2013/2014 General Appropriations Act, Specific Appropriation 1626 included the proviso language below:

“The funding provided for those projects reflects the ranking of local government funding requests and the department's Fiscal Year 2013-2014 project priority list; however, it also takes into account recent storm damages and storm impacts on project designs and costs. To address future situations, the department shall make recommendations as to how current statutory ranking criteria should be modified to accommodate storm damage and other beach impacts, as well as current department processing procedures and timetables for local government funding requests, in annual project rankings. The department's recommendations shall be provided to the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives no later than January 1, 2014.”

The attached report provides the information requested by the legislature by this proviso language.


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Chapter 62B-36, Florida Administrative Code
Beach Erosion Control Assistance Program

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Chapter 161, Florida Statutes
Beach and Shore Preservation

Last updated: January 23, 2017

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