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Geographic Information Systems Data

About GIS Data Files

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data is a collection of ArcView Shapefiles data generated by the WRM Beaches and Coastal Systems program. The datum for all files is NAD83-90, projected in Geographic, in decimal degrees. All Shapefiles are statewide coverages unless otherwise noted. The Shapefiles listed below are zipped for downloading and can be uncompressed using shareware programs Winzip or pkunzip (open in a new browser window).  

Unzipped files contain a metadata file with a .met or .xml extension. The metatdata is compliant with standards set forth by the Federal Geographic Data Committee.

If software is needed to view the unzipped files, a free copy of ArcExplorer may be obtained from the ESRI Web site. ArcExplorer 2 may be used for multiple map and GIS information sources on the Web.


Note: GIS information is informational only and should NOT to be used for survey or engineering work.  


GIS Data (Files are in zip file format.)

Data Set Information
Critical Beach Erosion Areas in Florida Critical erosion areas are segments of the shoreline where natural processes or human activity has caused or contributed to erosion and recession of the beach or dune system. (Updated July 2015)

Monitoring Locations

Locations have been selected along the coast at approximately 1000' intervals for beach monitoring. Formerly known as Range Monuments, physical monuments are no longer installed or maintained. Any existing monuments should not be used for surveying without verification. (Updated 2009)
SBMP Regions and Units Strategic Beach Management Plan Regions and Planning Units for Beach Renourishment Projects.
Coastal Construction Control Line Current Construction Control Lines for the 24 regulated counties. (Updated July 2015)

More Information

For more information about Beach and Coastal GIS data, please e-mail Gary Cook. Phone numbers can be found on our Staff Contacts page.


About Beaches Data

GIS Shapefiles

More Information

Regional Offshore Sand Source Inventory (ROSSI)

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