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About Beaches Data

The beach profile data provided on this site is survey data collected by the Beaches and Coastal Systems (BCS) Surveyors  and private company land surveyors which the data has been reviewed for quality control by the Beaches, Inlets and Ports (BIP) Program staff.  It is noted that a history of monument control information is not available on this site at this time. A large portion of the survey monuments have been moved over time as a result of changed conditions such as erosion or building construction. This is clearly indicated in the control headings in the profile data files. However, there have typically been several horizontal and vertical control surveys per county over time, resulting in multiple coordinate and vertical control values per range, which are not available here at this time.

The version of the beach profile data provided  is part of the Historic Shoreline Data link. BIP staff have reviewed this version for quality control. A standardized horizontal and vertical reference system is employed to maintain consistency and commonality of the data for analytical purposes. This data set will generally be the version that coastal engineers and scientists performing coastal analyses use.

It should be noted that there may be profile data that is not yet available in the Historic Shoreline Data set due to time lags in the review process.  Also, see the data and analysis link to see all of the information that is available regarding beaches and coastal systems data, publications or technical reports.

Disclaimer of Data

The survey data relative to any coastal construction control line (CCCL) legal description and map of record is for information purposes only. Official information must be obtained from the record plat filed in the office of the clerk of Circuit Court for the appropriate County.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection shall not be held liable for any use thereof of any aerial photo maps, beach and offshore profiles, historical shoreline data, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or other files contained herein or any computer software such as storm tide and dune erosion numerical models provided, accumulated, maintained, or otherwise produced by the Department.

The use of any original material forthcoming from the Department in any reports or publications shall be given appropriately cited credit. This includes the citation of any pertinent Department documentation or reports that may have a bearing on the use of such data.  

  More Information

For more information concerning the Historic Shoreline Data or Disclaimer, please e-mail Libbie McDearmid.

 For more information concerning GIS data, please e-mail Gary Cook.

 All BCS phone numbers and e-mail can be found on the Staff Contacts page.


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Last updated: July 21, 2016

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