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 Summary of Changes in Release 2010-1

Release Date: May 14, 2010

Description of changes to Long Form Air Permit Application: Incorporate recent changes to DEP Form No. 62-210.900(1), Application for Air Permit ? Long Form, Form and Instructions, effective March 11, 2010 into the EPSAP Long Form Air Permit Application web.  The changes involve removal of all references to the repealed Clean Air Mercury Rule (CAMR).

  1. EPSAP Responsible Official (RO) Qualification: Modify the Responsible Official (RO) Acid Rain Qualification option to remove reference to Hg Budget Source.  This is to reflect the change on the RO certification signature page in the new application forms.
  2. EPSAP Facility Additional Information list page: Modify the Facility Additional Information pages to remove the Hg Budget Part item from the Acid Rain Part attachments consistent with the changes to the hard-copy forms.
  3. EPSAP EU Description and Detail Information page: Modify the Federal Program Applicability information to remove the Hg Budget Unit option consistent with the removal of this option from the hard-copy forms.
  4. Migrate un-submitted Long Form applications to the new display format as noted in items 1 - 3 above.
  5. EPSAP Help Pages: Modify Help Pages to reflect changes in the functionality of web pages and the content of the Long Form Instructions.
  6. EPSAP Reports: Modify the Submitted Application Report and the Application Detail Report to reflect Long Form Changes.


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