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dragonflyElectronic Annual Operating Report
NEW  For the 2014 Electronic Annual Operating Report, you are required to use version 2014-1a of the EAOR software.

Please download the new version of the software, released January 20, 2015. Also, you must submit your 2014 AOR by April 1, 2015.

NEW: As of July 2015, the ability to submit an EAOR to FDEP over the web, via the EAOR software, was interrupted. While the server pathway issue is being worked on, instead of submitting over the web, please email the file to FDEP. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

To email the EAOR file to FDEP:

  •  In EAOR, please click the Create Submission button on the Easy Start Menu;
  •  When the Submit Data window box opens, browse the 'Submit Location' and note where the .SUB file is saved to your computer. (It names the file with your Facility ID and a .SUB extension: "xxxxxxx.SUB");
  •  On the Submit Data window box, uncheck the box that says “Transfer Submittal to FDEP…” and click OK.
  •  Locate the saved .SUB file on your computer and email it to EAOR@dep.state.fl.us or to Dianne.Spingler@dep.state.fl.us.
  •  Please let Dianne Spingler know if you have any problems emailing the file or have any questions: 850-717-9100.

Summary of Changes in Version 2014-1a


Important Notice:

The Division of Air Resource Management has revised the Annual Operating Report (AOR), DEP Form 62-210.900(5). The revised AOR form with instructions, amended 8/25/14, is available at: http://www.dep.state.fl.us/air/rules/forms/aor.htm.

Click to see Rule 62-210.370 for methods to be used when computing actual emissions.

Additional information is available at the Title V Annual Emissions Fee On-line Information Center available at: http://www.dep.state.fl.us/air/emission/tvfee.htm.

Download Software:
Search Data:

This allows you to check the receiving status of your submittal or view reported emissions data. 

Get a Hardcopy AOR:

This will provide you with a partially pre-filled hardcopy AOR form.

AOR Electronic Signature - Applies to AORs for report years 2010 and later:


Benefits of using EAOR
  • The completed report can be submitted by the Internet.
  • The report is partially filled with the data from the Department database. This ensures the report is completed according to each facility's permit.
  • The side-by-side view allows comparison of the current year data with the data from previous years.
  • Data changes are highlighted to ease the review of the data.
  • Help is available at one key stroke, including the definitions of each data field.
  • Formulas to calculate emissions can be set up in the program and be re-used in future AORs.
  • Edit checks are included to catch missing data.
  • Supporting electronic documents can be attached.
  • The data are reviewed and transferred into the Department database electronically, avoiding having to enter the new data and update the existing data manually.
  • Reports can be saved as .PDF files. With this feature, you can send the completed AOR to someone else to review, without that person having to install the EAOR program.

  • Automatically calculate Title V fees based on the annual emissions reported (Title V sources only).  
  • The report can be signed electronically.

Last updated: August 14, 2015

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