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Things you can do to keep Florida's Air Clean

Conserving Electricity at Work and at Home > Cooking Tips
  • Keep the range burners and reflectors clean so they will reflect heat better.
  • Match the size of the pot to the heating element to avoid wasting heat.
  • Use a lid on your pot to cook at a lower setting.
  • On electric ranges, use a flat-bottomed pot that makes full contact with the element (a warped or rounded pot will waste most of the heat).
  • Use a microwave or toaster oven to cook small meals.
  • Use a microwave oven to defrost frozen food.
  • Use a pressure cooker to dramatically reduce cooking time and energy.
  • On gas ranges , use a moderate flame setting to conserve gas and make sure the pilot light is burning with a blue flame (a yellowish flame indicates the gas needs to be adjusted because it is burning inefficiently).
  • Unless you're baking breads or pastries, you may not need to preheat the oven .
  • Use glass or ceramic ovenware , and you can lower the required oven temperature by 25°F while maintaining the same cooking time.
  • Don't lay foil on racks and stagger the pans on upper and lower racks to improve airflow (food cooks more efficiently and quickly when the oven air can circulate freely).
  • Watch the clock or use a timer instead of opening the oven door to preview the food (each time you open the door, the oven temperature drops by 25°F).
  • Check the gasket on the oven door to make certain it is tight and hot air is not escaping.
  • If using a self-cleaning oven , run the self-cleaning feature immediately after baking when the oven is still hot (less energy will be required to reach the cleaning temperature).

More Things You Can Do

Last updated: June 26, 2015


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About Air Contacts

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