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Cornertab DEP Online Training



DEP provides employees with an entire suite of online courses that provide a one-stop reference for your online training needs.  This is your source for employee compliance training along with supervisory, professional development, safety, and workers' compensation courses. There is no cost for online training, however, all training must be approved by your supervisor prior to taking a course.

The following courses are required for all DEP employees:

  • FTE New Employee Orientation (for FTE employees only)- Required Upon Hiring
  • OPS New Employee Orientation (for OPS employees only)- Required Upon Hiring
  • Workplace Harassment Prevention for Employees - Required Upon Hiring
  • Workplace Diversity Awareness - Required Upon Hiring
  • DEP Civil Rights - Required Upon Hiring
  • DEP Code of Ethics - Required Upon Hiring
  • DEP Public Records - Required Upon Hiring
  • Information Security Awareness - Required Upon Hiring

Combo-DEP Annual Refresher Course (Combo)  Employees must complete this course annually from November 1 through December 31. The Combo CANNOT be taken in place of the individual courses listed as being required upon hiring. You MUST complete the full version of the courses list above BEFORE you take the Combo.

For more information on these courses and to see other online course offerings, please review the Online Training Catalog.

Online Training Course Instructions

Follow these instructions to receive your login profile for all online courses.

New employees will receive an email from Skillsoft/Skillport with their login instructions once their Personnel Action Request (PAR) is complete in People First.  Click the link provided in the email for access to Skillsoft/Skillport.

Follow these instructions to access your courses.

  • Go to https://fldep.skillport.com

  • Enter your User-ID as issued to you in the login profile confirmation email from Skillsoft/Skillport.  This should be PF then 0 (Zero, not the letter "O") plus your PeopleFirst User-ID number.   For example, if your PeopleFirst User-ID is 123456, your Skillsoft/Skillport User-ID will be PF0123456.  Contractor's user numbers will be assigned in a confirmation email, also.

  • Enter EVERGLADES as your password.   Once you have logged in for the first time, you will be prompted to create a unique password before you will be able to move forward. 

  • Click the "Forgot your user ID?" or "Forgot your password?" for assistance logging in if needed.

Follow these instructions to select a course.

  • Click on "My Plan" on the left of the screen for your required  courses.

  • Click "Launch" after hovering your mouse over the course's title.

  • Mastery of the course is based on passing the Post Test with a grade of 80 or higher.  To receive credit for completing the course, make sure to complete the Post Test before existing.

  • To exit the Program, click the EXIT tab located at the top, right-hand corner of the screen.  Progress is automatically saved at the time of exit.

  • To exit Skillsoft/Skillport, click the "logout" text located at the top, right-hand corner of the screen.

To access additional courses available on Skillsoft/Skillport.

  • Click on "Catalog" on the left of the screen. 

  • Expand the "Course Curricula" folder.  You will be presented with a list of folder sorted by topic.

  • Expand each folder to find what courses are available for each topic.



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Last updated: January 06, 2015

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