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The State of Florida has contracted with Wright Express for all vehicle-related credit card purchases. The Department of Management Services (DMS) has mandated that DEP begin using the Wright Express fuel card immediately. This fuel card has replaced the Comdata MasterCard.

Overview of the Fuel Card Program

  • Acceptance at more than 8,500 gas stations and more than 3,000 service locations in the State of Florida
  • Immediate account blocking for lost or stolen cards
  • Improved accountability
  • More detailed Management reporting available
  • Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Form Number Form Name
DEP 53-205 Reimbursement Voucher for Expenses Other Than Travel
DEP 55-002 Monthly Vehicle / Equipment Usage Log
DEP 55-003 State Fuel Card PIN Assignment Request
DEP 55-004 Florida Fuel and Maintenance Card Program Card User Agreement
DEP 55-005 State Fuel Card Receipt Submittal Form
DEP 55-006 Monthly Miscellaneous State Fuels Card Usage Log
DEP 55-007 State Fuel Card Replacement Receipt Form
DEP 55-008 DEP New/Replacement State Fuel Card Acceptance Form
DEP 55-009 Request for Fuel Card
Contact Fuel Card Administrator:
Phone:    850-245-2389
Fax:        850-412-0765
OCULUS Account Setup:
Phone: 850-245-2322

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