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Frequently Asked Questions

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 Finance and Accounting

Why does the system not locate your DO number when creating an E-Invoice in the system?
You have to make sure you are using the same FEID number and sequence that is listed on your PR number. If you chose a different sequence, you’ll never locate the DO number.
Date Posted: 11/20/2006

Can you use an Expense Category for Services starting with an object code of 13XXXX?
No, Effective July 1, 2006, object codes in the contractual services (13XXXX) series can only be used with an Other Personal Services 030000, Special 10XXXX or a Fixed Capital Outlay 08XXXX category. Exception – 134900 – Fingerprinting and Background checks are allowable from the 040000 category.
Date Posted: 11/20/2006

On the Accounting screen when the system does not locate your category what does this mean?
What this means is that you have to first pick your category year or “no value” then pick the category and it’ll locate it for you (the system defaults to category year 00 which isn’t valid). This is for FCO or Grant and Aid appropriations only and does not apply to operating appropriations.
Date Posted: 11/20/2006

What are the requirements for a Prepay?
Form DEP 55-222 must be completed for all prepays (no matter the dollar amount) and signed by the requester, vendor, Finance & Accounting and have final approval by the Department of Financial Services before the requisition is submitted to the Procurement Office. This document must be scanned with all signatures and attached to the requisition. The only exceptions to this requirement are maintenance, software maintenance & subscriptions, which do not require this form as long as the cost is under $25,000. However you must have prepayment language on your purchase requisition.
Date Posted: 11/20/2006

I received an email from F&A saying I had an error on the detail report for GGGGG or ZZZZZ, what should I do about this?
Please do a change order to correct the errors. You need to provide a grant number for the GGGGG or you need to provide a project number for the ZZZZZ. If you feel that you are not to use a grant number or project number because you are not using FCO funds, then please re-verify your funding information. If you still are not sure then please contact your budget person and ask them for assistance.
Date Posted: 11/20/2006

What do I do if I am finished with my DO?
Make sure you have closed out your DO. If you have to receive on the DO this action will enable you to close the receipt. Then if you have any remaining encumbrances that need to be released, you need to send an email to F&A requesting that the encumbrance be closed out. Please provide the encumbrance number and the PR number to release the funds.
Date Posted: 11/20/2006

Why did I get an email saying my payment was approved by MFMP and an email from F&A saying it was rejected? Was it approved or rejected, I’m confused?
The MFMP system automatically sends out an email when anyone approves, rejects or edits your payment request. Please disregard the system generated email stating that your invoice has been approved and only rely on the ones generated by individuals. To find out if the payment was successful follow the steps below under “How do I tell if my DO has been paid and how do I locate the payment information?”
Date Posted: 11/20/2006

When should I use split accounting?
The only time you should consider using the split accounting function in MFMP is when you have a one time payment only and expect to only receive one invoice. The split accounting function does not work on multiple or monthly payments. If we find split accounting used in any way other than a one time payment, it will be rejected because of the issues it presents to all concerned.
Date Posted: 11/20/2006

What should I use when the vendor doesn’t put an invoice number on their invoice?
When an invoice number isn’t listed on the invoice, the requester is to use the DO Number and Date (example: DO2987161023 – which translates to DO298716 and October 23rd). Should the invoice be for a monthly transaction, then the requester is to use the DO Number and the Month (example: DO298716OCTOBER – which translates to DO298716 for the month of October).
Date Posted: 11/20/2006

How do I tell if my DO has been paid and how do I locate the payment information?
You need to first do a System Search to locate the “Encumbrance Number”. You click on System Searches, then click on “Search for Requisitions”, when the screen comes up put the PR #, add PUI of 3700 (for DEP info ONLY), then click the “Search” button. Click on the “Title” or “ID” link to open the requisition. Once the requisition is opened, scroll down to the Line Item Detail and click on the first “Detail” button (if you have multiple line items – they’ll all have the same encumbrance number). Once the line item opens, scroll down the screen to the “Accounting – by Line Item” and write down the “Encumbrance Number”.
Once you have the “Encumbrance Number” you’ll need to do a System Search by going to the Home Screen, clicking on System Searches, and then clicking on “Search for Invoice Reconciliations”. When the screen comes up – delete the ######, add PUI of 3700 (for DEP info ONLY), then click “Add/Remove Search Filters” and when the screen comes up “put a check by the Encumbrance #”, then hit “OK”, once filter is back, enter the Encumbrance Number that you already looked up from the line item detail screen, then click on the “SEARCH” button. This will locate all payments on this particular DO, no matter how many versions the DO had.
To obtain the payment information, click on the ID Number in question. This will return all payment information on this particular IR Number. To obtain the Warrant Information for the vendor, click on each “Payment” link (if you have multiple line items, you’ll see multiple payment links).
**View a PowerPoint presentation that walks you through the process.

Date Posted: 11/20/2006


How do I modify an existing purchase order using the change order process?
You need to select the requisition you are attempting to change (only the person who originated the order or the “On Behalf Of” can initiate the change). Once the requisition is open, you should see a change button at the top of the screen (click on the “change” button) and then proceed to make your changes. Make sure you include a comment in the comments section on what you are changing. Keep in mind that if you have already made payments or received against the order – certain info can’t be changed (such as price & description). If the price did need to be changed, you will have to request the issuance of a new Purchase Order, then after requesting the release of the encumbrance from Finance & Accounting (see What do I do when I am finished with my DO?), simply archive the old Purchase Order.
Date Posted: 11/20/2006

I need to do a change order and the system isn’t showing me the change button?
This means you’ve submitted a payment and the payment is sitting at FLAIR (until the payment is completed you won’t have access to the change button). Remember: Only the originator or the “On Behalf Of” person can initiate a change order.
Date Posted: 2/13/2009

Can I do a change order on a requisition that I’ve already processed full payment on or that I’ve reduced a line item down to $0.00?
No, if the entire purchase order has been reduced to $0.00 or Yes, as long as you don’t need to change the line that has been paid out. You can change any other line or add additional lines, you just can’t touch or change the paid out line. If you need to change the paid out line, you need to issue a new DO, or you can copy the paid out line to use as the replacement line on the same DO. If you do change the paid out line, the change order will fail FLAIR.
Date Posted: 2/13/2009

How do I cancel a requisition?
Go to “Company E-form” on the Home Page, then click on “Cancel Requisition” (you’ll need to know the PR number), then follow the prompts until you get a submit button.
Date Posted: 11/20/2006

Which freight code do I use on my requisitions?
When creating your requisition – the system defaults to INC-DEST which means freight is included in the price. If freight is going to be a separate line item – you should use PCB which means freight will be added as a separate item to the invoice. The purchase order and invoice information must reconcile to enable a payment request to be processed.
Date Posted: 11/20/2006

How can I tell the status of my requisition?
You can go to your submitted box on the “Home Screen”, click on the requisition number to open it up and then go to the Approval Flow tab. This will tell you exactly where the requisition is located in the approval process. You can check the History tab to see how long the requisition has been sitting.
Date Posted: 11/20/2006

Should the “Encumber Funds” box ever be unchecked?
No, if you copy a requisition at the end of the year for your new year requisitions (and you previously had F&A un-encumber the remaining balance on the DO), please make sure that the box gets checked when you copy the requisition for the new year.
Date Posted: 11/20/2006

Is their a minimum dollar amount on insurance requirements for services requisitions?
No, all service requisitions require insurance when vendors are performing services for the Department. The only exemptions to this would be State Contract items or Governmental Entities. Services provided under a State Term Contract are exempt from this requirement as the State Term Contract through the Department of Management Services establishes and monitors the insurance required for performance of services.
Date Posted: 11/20/2006

Can you change the prices on a Punchout Site?
No, if you use the punchout site to populate your prices – you aren’t allowed to make changes. If the prices are wrong – you need to simply use the Non-Catalog tab to order the item and code the item state contract.
Date Posted: 11/20/2006

How can I tell if a vendor has been flagged for either inactivation or invalid data?
When you choose the supplier the flag (IA: 9/06 = Inactive 9/30/2006) would look like this example.
Date Posted: 11/20/2006

How can I tell why my requisition was DENIED?
Go to “Home” and click on the “Denied” folder to locate the requisition. Open the requisition and scroll to the bottom to see comments regarding the denial. You can also go to the History tab and see the comments there as well.
Date Posted: 11/20/2006

When should you use the Quantity as the dollar amount and the Dollar Amount as the Quantity? (Example: Quantity 10,000, unit of dollar and price of $1.00)
This is going to be used when multiple payments need to be issued at varying amounts.
Date Posted: 11/20/2006


How do I reopen a receipt to do a change order once I’ve received all my items? (Changes could include changing the freight code or possibly the object code.)
The MFMP Team has done an enhancement. Now you don’t have to reopen an order to issue a change order. You can now do a change order that is in ‘receiving’ or ‘received’ status without first reopening the order.
Date Posted: 2/13/2009

Why did I get an email saying that I need to receive on my DO for my copier?
The MFMP system automatically sends out an email when a DO is issued for commodities (anything with a class/group other than a “9”) stating that receiving is required. This doesn’t mean you actually need to go and receive – this is just a reminder that receiving is required at some point before payment is issued. Please disregard the system generated emails stating that you need to receive and only receive when it’s required.
Date Posted: 11/20/2006

Last updated: April 06, 2015

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