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Personnel Services Forms

Any forms not located on the Administrative Services Forms websites can now be found on the
FDEP Forms Portal site.

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Other DEP Forms

 Form Name
659KB 04/2011 Microsoft Word symbol 54-101 Instructions for Filing a Career Service Employee Grievance
446KB 12/2010 Microsoft Word symbol 54-102 Discrimination & Harassment Policy Statement & Complaint Procedure
237KB 01/2010 Microsoft Word symbol 54-103 Official Oral Reprimand
  DELETED  54-104 Official Written Reprimand
  DELETED 54-204Application for Educational Leave with Pay
  DELETED 54-219 Performance Planning & Evaluation Form
  DELETED 54-220 Employee Recognition and Bonus Worksheet
  DELETED 54-221 Career Pathing and Enhancement Plan
  DELETED 54-222 Annual Peer Review Form
  DELETED 54-223 Employee Achievement Log
  DELETED 54-227 Employee Special Accomplishment Form
240KB 08/2011 Microsoft Word symbol 54-302 Workers' Compensation Return to Work Employee Exit from Alternate/Modified Duties
  DELETED 54-508 Savings Sharing and Recognition Awards
92KB 01/2010 Microsoft Word symbol 54-702 Changes to Authorized Positions Forms
22KB 05/2000 Microsoft Word symbol 54-703 Extend Temporary Special Duty Additive Request
51KB 11/2009 Microsoft Word symbol 54-704 Request to Change Current Position Codes
  DELETED  54-705 Classification and Pay Attachment A
DELETED 54-901 Training & Educational Repayment Agreement
  DELETED 54-902 Application for Employee Tuition Assistance
223KB 12/2010 Microsoft Word symbol 54-903 State Employee Tuition Waiver Program


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Other Forms and Documents


Microsoft Word symbol Annual Leave Payout Request for Career Service Employees
Microsoft Word symbol Approved Perquisite Categories
Adobe pdf symbol BENCOR Enrollment Form
Microsoft Word symbol Check-list for Managers - Required Documents for Recommended Candidate
Microsoft Word symbol DEP Performance Evaluation System Rater's Guide
Microsoft Word symbol DMS Position Description Instructions
Microsoft Word symbol DMS Suggestion Form
Microsoft Word symbol Department Pre-Planning Checklist
Microsoft Word symbol Dual Employment and Compensation Request
Adobe pdf symbol Federal I-9 Form
Microsoft Word symbol Financial Disclosure Forms
Adobe pdf symbol FMLA - Employee and Supervisor Rights and Responsibilities
Adobe pdf symbol FRS New Employee Certification form
Adobe pdf symbol PF Instructions on Reviewing and Completing Personal Information
Microsoft Word symbol Pandemic Flu Planning Checklist for Individuals and Families
Microsoft Word symbol Recruitment Documents to be Retained by the Hiring Manager
Microsoft Word symbol Reorganization and/or Change to Organizational Structure Procedures
Microsoft Word symbol Request for Reassignment, Transfer, Change in Duty Station , Shift Change or Promotion form (DMS Form TPRC 10-12)
Microsoft Word symbol Sample-Memo - Sending Sick Employees Home
Microsoft Word symbol Sale of Goods & Services

Last updated: February 19, 2014

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