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Cornertab DEP Directives

Administrative Directives


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Adobe pdf symbol    Directive Name
200KB 03/23/11 DEP 100 Delegations of Authority (Department-wide)
85KB 04/25/11 DEP 101 Board of Trustees
35KB 07/01/12 DEP 102 Delegations of Authority (Office of the Inspector General)
52KB 2/16/01 DEP 105 Delegations of Authority (Division of Administrative Services)
68KB 03/15/10 DEP 110 Delegations of Authority (Division of State Lands)
88KB 08/08/13 DEP 114 Delegations of Authority (Northwest District Office)
93KB 08/08/13 DEP 115 Delegations of Authority (Central District Office)
93KB 08/08/13 DEP 116 Delegations of Authority (Northeast District Office)
88KB 08/08/13 DEP 117 Delegations of Authority (Southwest District Office)
86KB 08/08/13 DEP 118 Delegations of Authority (Southeast District Office)
88KB 08/08/13 DEP 119 Delegations of Authority (South District Office)
53KB 10/01/09 DEP 125 Delegations of Authority (Office of Technology and Information Services)
57KB 09/28/01 DEP 135 Delegations of Authority (Division of Water Resource Management)
87KB 06/01/01 DEP 137 Delegations of Authority (Office of Beaches and Coastal Systems)
53KB 04/14/01 DEP 145 Delegations of Authority (Division of Waste Management)
120KB 04/01/03 DEP 150 Delegations of Authority (Division of Recreation and Parks)
87KB 06/13/03 DEP 152 Delegations of Authority (Office of Greenways and Trails)
45KB 02/17/14 DEP 153 Delegations of Authority (Office of Coastal And Aquatic Managed Areas)
76KB 11/21/11 DEP 155 Delegations of Authority (Division of Air Resource Management)
45KB 11/20/01 DEP 157 Delegation of Authority (Office of Siting Coordination)
56KB 06/01/01 DEP 160 Delegations of Authority (Division Of Law Enforcement)
148KB 06/15/12 DEP 161 Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration
100KB 08/19/11 DEP 202 Code of Ethics
23KB 09/15/00 DEP 203 Environmental Education and Mentoring
317KB 12/21/07 DEP 204 Open Government Bill of Rights
  REPLACED DEP 230 Administrative and Program Directive System - Replaced with "Administrative Directives Standards & Procedures"
15KB 11/15/94 DEP 240 Agency Strategic Planning Process, Legislative Budget Process, Internal Operating Budgets, and Revisions to Approved Budgets
56KB 07/01/12 DEP 260 Internal Audits
57KB 10/14/13 DEP 270 Watercraft Assignment and Utilization
21KB 02/15/02 DEP 280 Closing of State Facilities Under Disaster or Emergency Situations
54KB 07/01/12 DEP 290 Internal Investigations
115KB 03/15/01 DEP 300 Purchase of Commodities and Contractual Services
57KB 10/24/13 DEP 301 MyFloridaMarketPlace Confidential Information Policy
121KB 05/16/02 DEP 315 Contractual / Professional Services Management
164KB 09/06/02 DEP 316 Management and Accountability for Recipient/Sub recipient Agreements (developed, monitored, and maintained by program areas) 
132KB 09/06/02 DEP 317 Management and Accountability for Recipient/Sub recipient Agreements (developed by the DEP Procurement Section)
82KB 11/15/02 DEP 320 State-Owned Real & Tangible Personal Property
17KB 01/04/10 DEP 331 Professional or Other Organization Membership Dues
59KB 05/15/03 DEP 335 Records Management
65KB 05/15/03 DEP 355 Insurance Coverage
10KB 09/29/00 DEP 366 Smoking Policy
96KB 09/01/13 DEP 370 Information Technology Resource Management
55KB 06/02/14 DEP 375 Public Records
435KB 9/26/13 DEP 390 Information Resources Security Policies and Standards
53KB 10/02/11 DEP 401 Dual State Employment and Compensation &
Secondary Employment Outside of State Government
32KB 03/31/05 DEP 403 Other Personal Services Employment and Termination
54KB 03/31/05 DEP 404 Recruitment and Selection Procedures
36KB 10/02/11 DEP 406 Employment Separations for the Career Service, Selected Exempt Service and Senior Management Service
25KB 03/13/09 DEP 407 Nepotism - Employment of Relatives
61KB 01/21/09 DEP 420 Drug-Free Workplace and Drug Testing
42KB 01/04/10 DEP 421 Violence-Free Workplace Policy
23KB 03/13/09 DEP 422 Background Investigation
184KB 03/16/11 DEP 425 Attendance and Leave, Flextime, Variable Workweek and Family Supportive Work Program
16KB 01/11/10 DEP 426 Educational Leave With Pay
46KB 02/28/03 DEP 430 State Employee Tuition-Free Program
88KB 01/10/11 DEP 433 Sick Leave Pool and Sick Leave Transfer Plan
83KB 12/01/2010  DEP 435 Conduct of Employees
48KB 02/19/10 DEP 436 Discrimination and Harassment
37KB 12/01/2010 DEP 440 Career Service Employee Grievances
99KB 09/08/11 DEP 450 Workers'  Compensation and Return-to-Work Program
83KB  09/08/11 DEP 457 Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan
68KB  02/15/10 DEP 458 Pandemic Influenza Response Plan
66KB  10/11/13 DEP 477 Medical Monitoring Program
46KB 01/10/11 DEP 460 Employee Assistance Program
34KB 11/29/04 DEP 461 Classification and Organizational Changes
35KB 11/29/04 DEP 462 Compensation and Pay Administration
25KB 10/30/08 DEP 470 Employee Telecommuting Program
34KB 10/08/10 DEP 475 Awards, Recognition, and Savings Sharing Program
23KB 01/11/10 DEP 476 Access to and Use of DEP Facilities for the Purpose of Soliciting DEP Employees
81KB 11/29/04 DEP 477 Medical Monitoring Program (MMP)
38KB 05/17/10 DEP 485 Payment of Perquisites and Moving Expenses
16KB 08/10/09 DEP 490 Political Activities
22KB 09/27/12 DEP 540 Accounts Receivable Collections and Write-Off Procedures
282KB 10/29/12 DEP 610 Travel Policy
470KB 06/28/02 DEP 620 Motor Vehicles/Watercraft Assignment and Utilization
37KB 09/28/01 DEP 630 Reporting of Accidents Involving State Owned Motor Vehicles/ Watercraft and the Procurement of Related Repairs
57KB 07/14/08 DEP 660 State Fuel Card Program
60KB 10/05/13 DEP 710 Workplace Safety and Loss Control Management Program
28KB 09/04/09 DEP 820 Use and Procurement of Communications Equipment
15KB 09/17/99 DEP 910 Firebreaks
129KB 02/14/13 DEP 923 Settlement Guidelines for Civil and Administrative Penalties
179KB 02/2014 DEP 971 Emergency Response Activities
29KB 09/18/09 DEP 972 Quality Assurance for the Collection, Analysis and Interpretation of Environmental Data for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Water, Waste and Natural Resources Programs


DEP 975 Biological Inventory and Monitoring

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