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Cornertab OPS Employee New Hire Packet

Welcome to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Below you will find important information and links to forms and documents that are crucial to you as a new member of the DEP team.


Prior to your official offer of employment, the hiring manager should have already provided the following documents to the Bureau of Human Resource Management (HR):


  • State of Florida Employment Application.
  • DEP Pre-Employment Requirements, DEP Form 54-706.
  • A Copy of your Social Security Card or receipt from the Social Security Office Confirming you have applied for a duplicate card.
        NOTE: When the duplicate card is received, forward a copy to HR.
  • Copy of your Driver License or State-Issued Identification Card, if applicable.
  • For foreign nationals, a copy of the Employment Authorization Document (EAD), Permanent Residence Card and/or VISA if applicable.
  • Copy of degree, college transcript(s) or diploma, if applicable.
  • Copy of any required licensure, certificate or registration, if applicable.
  • Florida Retirement System (FRS) - New Employee Certification Form
  • .


      NOTE: DEP employees are asked to provide a copy of their Social Security card to HR in order for us to verify that the Social Security card name and number match the information entered in the People First system. This verification is also required for accurate processing of an employee's payroll and reporting of federal withholding taxes by the Department of Financial Services, State of Florida and is used for the required E-Verify process. As an employee of DEP, you are being provided with this notice pursuant to s.119.071(5)(a)2, Florida Statutes.


    After the official offer of employment, but no later than the first day of employment, please print the Form I-9, complete the information in Section 1, and return the form to your supervisor or your HR liaison. Supervisors must complete Section 2 and submit the form and supporting documents to HR at HR_Orgmgmt@dep.state.fl.us, no later than the first day of employment. Supporting documents presented by an employee MUST NOT BE EXPIRED and one I-9 supporting document must include a clear photo. Documents that are not readable will be returned.


      NOTE: The Form I-9 and supporting documents are used for the required E-Verify process. E-Verify, an Internet-based system, allows employers to determine the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States. DEP employs individuals who are U.S. citizens or authorized foreign nationals. The verification is done by comparing information entered into the system from an employee's Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to data from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility. Supervisors and administrative contacts will be notified of the results.


    Within the first three (3) days of employment, the following additional new hire forms must be completed and submitted to your supervisor for submission to the appropriate HR representative:

  • Oath of Loyalty, DEP Form 54-603. Section 110.201 and 876.05, Florida Statutes, requires state employees to sign an Oath of Loyalty as a condition of employment.
  • Exemption from Public Records Requests - Privacy Test Questionnaire, DEP Form 54-606. Florida's Public Record Law, Chapter 119, Florida Statute, provides specific information regarding records that are subject to public inspection and exemptions for certain positions. Completion of this privacy test questionnaire is required so that we may properly exclude certain personnel records from public inspection for you if applicable.
  • Acknowledgment of Receipt of DEP OPS Employee Handbook. As a DEP employee, it is important to you and to the DEP that you read and understand the OPS Employee Handbook. It is your responsibility to review the handbook and complete the "Acknowledgment of Receipt" found on the last page of the handbook. This signed acknowledgment will be placed in your official Personnel file as documentation that you have reviewed and understand the information outlined in the handbook.
  • Acknowledgement of Receipt of Key Directives, DEP Form 54-614. As a new DEP employee, it is important that you review, understand and sign this acknowledgement of receipt for the following important DEP Directives:
    • DEP 202     Code of Ethics;

    • DEP 390     Information Resources Security Policies and Standards;

    • DEP 420     Drug-Free Workplace Policy;

    • DEP 421     Violence-Free Workplace;

    • DEP 425     Attendance and Leave;

    • DEP 435     Conduct of Employees; and

    • DEP 436     Harassment and Discrimination.

  • OPS Student Verification, DEP Form 54-605. If you are currently a degree-seeking student enrolled in an accredited secondary or postsecondary education program then you must complete this form.
  • Statement of Financial Interest(For OPS employees, this only applies to Attorneys). In accordance with Section 112.3145(1)(b), F.S., specific state employees are required to file a Financial Disclosure form within 30 days of employment and then annually by July 1 of each year. Visit the Florida Commission on Ethics at http://www.ethics.state.fl.us/ for more information on financial disclosure and code of ethics.




  • OPS Retirement Plan. As a new OPS employee with the DEP we want to inform you about the mandatory OPS Retirement Plan. The brochure provides information about the plan and contains the BENCOR Retirement Plan Enrollment Form you must complete to enroll in the plan.
  • Deferred Compensation Information. The State of Florida Deferred Compensation Plan is a tax deferred employee contribution investment program available to all state employees.
  • DEP Holiday and Payroll Schedule. Please refer to this schedule for important payroll and timesheet due date information.  OPS employees are paid on a Biweekly Payroll Schedule. It is your responsibility to ensure that your timesheet is submitted for approved by the deadline and that you follow up with your supervisor to ensure that it was approved. Also note that as an OPS employee, if your timesheet is not submitted and approved by the specific due dates outlined in the Biweekly Payroll Schedule, you will not be paid timely.
  • How to view Earnings Statement and sign up for electronic W-2 Forms. This Department of Financial Services website will provide you with the ability to view your payroll earning statements, sign-up for electronic W-2 forms and review other state reimbursements such as travel and flexible benefits.
  • DEP Smoking Policy - DEP Directive 366. As a new employee, it is important that you review and understand DEP's policy regarding smoking.
  • Employee Assistance Program Information. Aetna Resources for Living (formerly Horizon Health) is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) service provider for all state employees, your dependents and those living in your home. You may contact Aetna Resources for Living directly at 1-800-860-2058 or by clicking on the link above and choosing EAP under Links. The number of counseling sessions to be provided will depend on the needs of an employee's (or their immediate dependents or household) individual set of circumstances, as determined by the case manager.
  • Workers' Compensation Provider Information and Procedures. AmeriSys is the contracted vendor for the state's work-related accidents. AmeriSys is responsible for accepting "First Report of Injury" information and the coordination of medical treatment for injured employees.


    Become familiar with where office supplies, first aid kits, restrooms, eating facilities, smoking areas, and parking, etc. are located. Discuss emergency evacuation of the building and location of fire exits.



    Your supervisor will introduce you to other employees and managers within your work unit.



    Your supervisor will review and discuss the following important rules and regulations with you:

  • Work schedule, flextime, breaks, and lunch.
  • Importance of punctuality and good attendance.
  • Who to contact in the event you need to be absent.
  • Procedures for requesting time off or absences.  Note: OPS are not entitled to paid leave.
  • A description of your OPS job duties.
  • Appropriate use of the telephone and computer including instructions/restrictions.
  • Your position description and performance standards, providing a copy for your records.
  • Other pertinent rules and regulations.


    The People First System is the State of Florida's self-service, web-based, personnel information system and enterprise-wide suite of human resource services. You will use this system to maintain accurate personal, work, and emergency contact information and to complete your timesheet for payroll processing. It is extremely important that you meet all deadlines so that your paychecks and benefits are correct and on time.


    Your supervisor or division's HR liaison will initiate and complete the Personnel Action Request (PAR) form in the People First System. This action will initiate your being setup for payroll processing and generate your People First Identification Number (People First ID#) that you will use to access the system. For guidance in utilizing the People First system, we are providing the Employee User Guide. Once you are provided with your People First ID#, your supervisor or division's HR liaison will assist you in logging on to the system and completing these items:


  • Log on to People First System. https://peoplefirst.myflorida.com/logon.htm

  • Your initial password will be Pf (note: the "P" is upper case, the "f" is lower case) plus your six-digit birthday (MMDDYY). For example, if you were born February 3, 1974, your temporary password would be Pf020374. Once you enter the temporary password, click Log In. The system will require you to change your password at this time by clicking Review the Complete Password Requirements. The system will then require you to set up three (3) security questions and answers before proceeding with the log in.
  • Your supervisor or division's HR liaison will enter some of your personal information when you are hired; however, you must review the information for accuracy and complete some information yourself. To enter and review your personal information, follow the PF Instructions on Reviewing and Completing Personal Information.
  • Your supervisor or division's HR liaison will provide instructions on how to complete your timesheet in People First. Please note that as an OPS employee, if your timesheet is not submitted and approved by the specific due dates outlined in the DEP Holiday and Payroll Schedule, you will not be paid on the scheduled pay date. 





  • New OPS Employee Orientation (NEO). This class provides an overview of state government, history of the Department, employee rights, benefits, and employee responsibilities for all OPS employees.


  • Workplace Harassment Training - Harassment is . . . - This online course provides participants an opportunity to examine harassment in the workplace and ways to eliminate the problem.


  • Cultural Diversity Training - Diversity in the Real World. This course explains how to face the diversity challenges at work and to use the skills provided to assist in building careers and personal lives.


  • DEP Code of Ethics. This course, developed by the Office of General Counsel specifically for DEP employees, outlines all of the ethical issues that DEP employees may face and provides information on how to avoid tricky ethics issues.


  • DEP Public Records. This course, developed by the Office of the General Counsel specifically for DEP employees, outlines certain public records issues that DEP employees may face.


  • DEP Civil Rights Training. This course provide information on an employee's rights and responsibilities as defined by DEP Directives, Florida statues and federal laws.


  • Information Security Awareness Training. Are you aware of your responsibilities for using DEP computer software and hardware? What about personal Internet or Email use? This required course will explore DEP Directive 390 and will help you understand what your minimum responsibilities are to make sure the Department's computer information is safe and that your use of DEP's computer resources is appropriate. The policies presented in this course apply to all Department employees, contractors and vendors, as well as private organizations and citizens granted account/computer access to DEP resources.


    NOTE: An annual refresher training is required for all courses listed above except the New Employee Orientation and is offered as a Combo-DEP Required Annual Refresher Course. Employees must complete the full version of each course one time, usually within 30 days of hire, before being allowed to take the combo refresher training. If you have not taken the full mandatory courses, you are required to do so before you will be given credit for the combo refresher. NOTE: DEP Civil Rights Training will be added in 2012.

    Highly Recommended Training

  • Quality Service in the Public Sector
  • Plain Language Style Guide
  • Supplemental Supervisory Skills Training, if applicable

    Your supervisor or your division's personnel liaison will show you where to locate other training resources at the DEP online training catalog and classroom training calendar website: http://www.dep.state.fl.us/admin/training/default.htm.



    If there is an issue that you do not understand or that your supervisor has not explained clearly, ask questions! For additional assistance, contact your division's HR liaison or HR at 850-245-2511.

    Last updated: May 08, 2014

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