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Former Governor Bush's One Florida Initiative was developed in an effort to increase diversity and opportunities in state contracting without using discriminatory policies.  Procurements made by this department must reflect the full diversity of the citizens of the State of Florida.  DEP is committed to the purchase of high-quality goods and services at advantageous prices and to a fair and equal opportunity for all to compete for said procurements.  The time has come to change to a Procurement Process that is more effective, transparent and diverse.



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FLAIR Business Classification Codes:

Each vendor can only select or be assigned one code when they register with the state as a vendor.  These codes are listed under the "MBE" field in SPURSview when a vendor name search is conducted.    The codes are broken down as follows: 

  1. A - G and L codes are non-minority vendors.

  2. H - M and W codes are for certified minority vendors only.  The Office of Supplier Diversity assigns these codes to a vendor when they are certified.

  3. N - R and Y Codes are for non-certified minority vendors.

  4. S - V Codes are for non-profit organizations where the majority of the board of directors or residents of the community served are minority.

See the complete listing below.

Non-Minority Codes
A - Non-Minority
B - Small Business - State
C - Small Business - Federal
D - Minority Business Enterprise - Federal
E - Government Agencies
F - Non-Profit Organization
L - Service-Disabled Veteran
Certified Minority Business Enterprise Codes
H - African American
I - Hispanic
J - Asian/American
K - Native American
M - Woman
W - Service-Disabled Veteran
Non-Certified Minority Business Enterprise Codes
N - African American
O - Hispanic
P - Asian/American
Q - Native American
R - Woman
Y - Service-Disabled Veteran
Non-Profit Organization
S - Non-Profit Minority Board of Directors
T - Non-Profit Minority Officers
U - Non-Profit Minority Community Served
V - Other Non-Profit


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Standards for contracting with woman/minority owned businesses:

As has been stated from the beginning of the One Florida Initiative, agency staff are encouraged to seek woman and minority-owned businesses to participate in procurement opportunities for goods and services.  The Department will continue to do business with organizations that meet the following standards:

  • Goods and services meet the specifications required

  • Delivery of goods or services are timely

  • Goods and services are of the quality required for the project 

  • Price is competitive

Diversity in contracting is not something that can be dictated by law or edict, but something to be achieved through hard work.  There are qualified woman/minority-owned businesses in Florida willing and able to meet the Department's procurement needs.  Our efforts to increase participation will continue to focus on achieving the standards outlined above.





This listing of woman/minority-owned travel agencies are those that have been utilized by the Department.  There are other woman/minority-owned travel agencies that can be located by doing a search in the Office of Supplier Diversity certified minority online directory.  When you purchase an airline ticket from a woman/minority-owned travel agency you are reminded that when the charge appears in the Purchasing Card Module the airline you utilize will be listed as the vendor for the ticket and the service fee.  You will need to change the vendor FEID number to the correct one for the travel agent that issued the ticket to receive credit under the One Florida Initiative.  CLICK TO VIEW LIST.

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  1. Agency Spending Plan (Updated Quarterly)
    This plan reflects the projected expenditures to be made by the agency.

  2. One Florida Initiative Actual Expenditure Report (Updated monthly)
    This report provides a comparison of modified expenditures for the current month and current fiscal year to date versus minority expenditures for the same time period.

  3. Minority Vendors Utilized by DEP
    This report lists all the minority vendors that the Department has utilized for the fiscal year.  The report is in Excel and can be sorted by various headers in the report.  Example: A sort can be made on all vendors that are located in Tallahassee that make Travel Arrangements. VIEW REPORT

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This listing is of woman/minority-owned newspapers that Department staff is encouraged to utilize when publishing notices or other information in newspapers.  

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Vendor Bid System

All State Agencies are required to advertise competitive procurement opportunities in excess of $25,000 on the Florida Department of Management Services, Vendor Bid System.  To view bid advertisements by agencies, click on VENDOR BID SYSTEM


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Federal Employers Identification (FEID) and Social Security (SS) Numbers

Any vendor registering with the state must provide a Federal Employers Identification Number (FEID) or Social Security Number (SS).  As a part of the registration process a three-digit extension will be assigned by DMS to the FEID OR SS number to identify a specific address for the vendor.  Example:  FEID # 59-123456-001 for Vendor ABC would identify the vendor's address as 23 St North Daytona Beach, FL 39999.  If that vendor had another location the FEID # would be assigned an extension of -002 for the next address.  The Federal Employers Identification Number (FEID) is obtained from the Internal Revenue Service by a vendor.

All vendors doing business with the State must be registered with the Department of Management Services in order for invoices to be processed.  The vendors FEID or SS number, as appropriate, is used to record payments made to the vendor.


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Last updated: December 09, 2013

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