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Cornertab DEP: One Florida Initiative- Doing Business

Available Market Research Tools 

 Access to State Agency Competitive Procurement Opportunities:

All State Agencies are required to advertise competitive procurement opportunities on the Florida Department of Management Services, Vendor Bid System.  As a vendor interested in providing commodities/services for large state purchases (purchases valued in excess of $25,000), periodic review of the information available at this site should be conducted.  Here are the steps to view procurement opportunities on the Web.

Go to www.myflorida.com
Click on ?Business?
Click on ?Doing Business with the State? 
Under ?Everything for Vendors and Customers" section, Select "Vendor Bid System",  click on ?Search Advertisements?
Complete data fields to tailor your search for specific agencies or commodities/services.  You can leave all of the fields blank to view all the current advertisements on the system.
Click on ?Initiate Search?

To view information regarding each procurement opportunity, click on the solicitation number.  This will take you to a formal advertisement which will provide basic information regarding the commodity or service sought by an agency and the contact person/phone number for requesting a copy of the solicitation package.  Some advertisements will include access to an electronic version of the solicitation package.  If this is the case, use caution in printing out the solicitation document.  Some solicitation packages are made up of many documents and require submission of various documents for the vendor?s response to be considered.  Failure to submit all the documentation required in the solicitation package will be grounds for disqualification of your response.


The screen below depicts a search request for the Department of Environmental Protection?s advertisements and the resulting system response.

Screen 1 Search Request


The screen appearing below contains the response to the search requested above.  Please note that the advertisements in the vendor bid system may change daily.  Frequent review of the data is recommended.


   Screen 2  Matching Ads

Click on the solicitation number ?2001026C? on the above screen to view the advertisement.  The advertisement for this solicitation is as follows:

Screen 3a  Adverisement Details

Screen 3b  Advertisement Details

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