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SOP Forms

The following DEP forms are provided to facilitate documentation of sampling, field-testing and bioassessment training activities associated with the DEP SOPs. These forms are incorporated into the DEP QA Rule, 62-160, F.A.C., and are effective on 7/30/14. NOTE: Use of some of these forms is required by specific DEP SOPs, while other forms are for optional use. The revision date for all forms listed below is March 1, 2014. Previous versions of these forms with any other revision date should be discarded (or retained in archives for historical reference, if needed). The information prompts on some forms do not include all required documentation associated with certain DEP SOPs.



FD 9000-01 Biorecon Field Sheet, Form FD 9000-1
FD 9000-03 Physical/Chemical Characterization Field Sheet, Form FD 9000-3
FD 9000-04 Stream/River Habitat Sketch Sheet, Form FD 9000-4
FD 9000-05 Stream/River Habitat Assessment Field Sheet, Form FD 9000-5
FD 9000-06 Lake Habitat Assessment Field Sheet, Form FD 9000-6
FD 9000-24 Groundwater Sampling Log, Form FD 9000-24
FD 9000-25 Rapid Periphyton Survey, Form FD 9000-25
FD 9000-27 Lake Vegetation Index Field Sheet, Form FD 9000-27
FD 9000-31 Lake Observation Field Sheet
FD 9000-32 Linear Stream Vegetation Survey Form
FD 9000-33 Wetland Condition Index Vegetation Field Form
FD 9000-34 Stream Habitat Assessment Training Checklist and Event Log
FD 9000-35 Stream Condition Index Training Checklist and Event Log

Please Note:
Some older versions of Microsoft Office may not display these forms correctly. If you have any trouble opening or printing these forms please contact Jennifer Claypool to request PDF versions.

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