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Miscellaneous Spring Studies

Many factors must be studied to accurately determine the health of an ecosystem. Aquatic environments respond to a wide variety of cumulative factors, both natural and human induced. Because of this, several different measurements of aquatic health, including macroinvertebrate communities (larval insects, snails, clams, etc.), algal communities and water quality, are routinely performed to determine the status of a system. Expected ranges for these measurements for typical, undisturbed communities have been established for streams, and comparisons can be made.

Invertebrate Communities:

Invertebrate communities are sampled using DEP's BioRecon procedure. The BioRecon is a rapid, cost effective screening method for the identification of biological impaired systems.

Algal Communities:

A high amount of algae (algal density or chlorophyll a) or changes in species composition implies nutrient stress. For example, a decreased diatom to blue-green algae ratio often indicates high nutrient levels in flowing streams.

Springs Initiative Funded Research:

Water Quality:

  • Monitoring Report for Eighteen State and Federally Managed Spring Systems in Florida Year 2000 to 2007.
Full Report (71mb)   All reports in .pdf    
Report Sections        Springs Sections    
Title Page (1mb)   Alexander (7mb) Juniper (3mb) Silver Glen (4mb)
Table of Contents (8kb)   Blue Hole (4mb) Manatee (4mb) Silver (4mb)
References (11kb)   Blue Volusia (4mb)    Peacock and Orange Grove (3mb)   Troy (3mb)
Executive Summary (5mb)      De Leon (4mb) Ponce de Leon (4mb) Wakulla (4mb)
    Fanning (5mb) Rainbow (4mb) Wekiwa (4mb)
    Ichetucknee (4mb) Rock (4mb)  


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