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Organic Trap Bottle Guidance

This setup, though not recommended, can be useful in certain circumstances (e.g. extractable organics). One of the biggest problems with the setup is finding a source for parts. We have worked with several consultants and permittees trying to find a source for these parts. We have found two sources of this equipment, Cole-Parmer and Jensen Inert Products.


This is not an endorsement for Cole-Parmer or Jensen Inert Products. Again, this is not an equipment endorsement nor is it a recommendation for this particular sampling setup. Since it is in the QA Manual and Department SOP, we felt that we should provide some information on availability.


(800) 323-4340

Organic Trap Bottle Setup

The all-Teflon 1 liter bottle and trap are approximately $100. The Cole-Parmer part numbers are: VPN 1000-4-4 and VDR 44730.

Jensen Inert Products
(800) 446-3781


Assembly includes 2 Teflon transfer ports, each with a threaded ferrule nut to tighten onto 1/4" OD Teflon tubing. These 2 transfer ports are molded into a Teflon insert which covers and seals the mouth of the bottle when the cap is screwed on over it. 

Organic Trap Bottle Assembly

The assembly also includes a threaded plastic cap to fit the bottle and a 1 ft long piece of 1/4" OD Teflon tubing which is inserted through one port to the bottom of the bottle.

Item No. TCT2X14-38430, Above assembly comes with a size 38-430 cap. Price each $39.00.

Item No. TCT2X14-33430, Above assembly has been modified and comes with a size 33-430 cap. Price each $41.70

Item No. TCT2X14-33, Above assembly modified with 33-400 cap, for use with 1 liter narrow mouth amber boston round bottles. Price each $42.00

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Last updated: May 05, 2014

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