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Water Quality Standards Program Staff Contacts




Daryll Joyner, Program Administrator
Administers and directs the activities of the Water Quality Standards Program, which includes the Standards Development Section and the Aquatic Ecology and Quality Assurance Section. 
(850) 245-8431
Renee Gray, Administrative Assistant II (850) 245-8346


Standards Development Section 



Kenneth Weaver, Environmental Administrator
Directs water quality standards rule development and implementation for changes in classification (designated uses), water quality criteria, Site Specific Alternative Criteria, antidegradation policy, and Outstanding Florida Waters. Coordinates with EPA on water quality standards issues including human health criteria and the Triennial Review of Florida’s water quality standards. 
(850) 245-8414
Eric Shaw, Environmental Manager
As rulemaking coordinator for the WQSP, coordinates rulemaking activities for the Triennial Review, petitions for Outstanding Florida Waters, requests for changes in classification, and adoption of Site Specific Alternative Criteria.
(850) 245-8429
Garry Payne, Environmental Manager
Water quality standards development including Site Specific Alternative Criteria and Reclassification review, dissolved oxygen criteria implementation, environmental data interpretation, and statistical analysis.
(850) 245-8423
Janet Klemm, Environmental Specialist III
Rulemaking, application, and history for Outstanding Florida Waters, surface water classifications and reclassifications, and Site Specific Alternative Criteria.
(850) 245-8427
Darren Rivera,  Environmental Specialist II
Rulemaking, Site Specific Alternative Criteria, Reclassification petition review and processing.
(850) 245-8068
Kaitlyn Summerfield, Environmental Specialist II
Rulemaking, Site Specific Alternative Criteria, Reclassification petition review and processing, and human health criteria development.
(850) 245-8819


Aquatic Ecology and Quality Assurance Section



Nia Wellendorf, Environmental Administrator
Administers the Quality Assurance, training, and bioassessment programs, and conducts special studies in support of water quality standards development.
(850) 245-8190
Michael Blizzard, Program Manager
Quality Assurance coordination, rulemaking activities, oversight, and technical support for the DEP QA Rule (Chapter 62-160, F.A.C.), field and laboratory audits, Quality Assurance training, and DEP SOP training.
(850) 245-8073
Joy Jackson, Environmental Manager
Bioassessment development and training, experimental study design, field sampling and audits, and the review, interpretation, and reporting of environmental data.
(850) 245-8074
Ashley O’Neal, Environmental Consultant
Bioassessment development and training, field sampling and audits, Quality Assurance support, and the review, interpretation and reporting of environmental data.
(850) 245-8070
Jennifer Claypool, Environmental Specialist III
Quality Assurance support for the DEP QA Rule (Chapter 62-160, F.A.C.), field and laboratory audits. DEP SOP training.
(850) 245-8473
Sarah Panek, Environmental Specialist II
Field sampling coordination, data management, technical support for wetland and plant projects, field sampling and audits.
(850) 245-8533
Candice Simmons, Environmental Consultant
Bioassessment development, field and laboratory audits, DEP SOP training, field sampling and audits.
(850) 245-8064
Kristen Sapp, Environmental Specialist III
Field and laboratory audits, data analysis, data usability assessments, DEP SOP training, field sampling.
(850) 245-8686

Quality Assurance


Water Quality Standards

Nutrient Criteria Development



Springs Studies

Last updated: August 02, 2016

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