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  • Hazardous Waste Cleanup Section
    This section is responsible for managing state-funded investigation and cleanup of hazardous waste sites and coordinating with the EPA during cleanup of federal Superfund NPL sites. The section is also responsible for implementing the Drycleaning Solvent Cleanup Program.
  • Site Investigation Section
    This section investigates known or suspected cases of ground water contamination state-wide. The section provides scientific and technical assistance to support recommendations used in district enforcement actions. In addition, the section provides site screening services, well replacement, phase-one environmental assessments and environmental sampling support for department programs.
  • Federal Programs Section
    This section oversees cleanup of Department of Defense and other federal facilities. The section also oversees the Base Closure and Realignment process that closing military bases are required to perform in concert with the state and EPA to determine that transferring property is suitable from a human health and environmental aspect for its designated reuse.
  • Office of District and Business Support
    This section provides program guidance and technical support to the District Waste Cleanup sections and the Division's non-petroleum cleanup programs. The section also provides toxicological support and assistance with evaluating innovative technologies.
  • CERCLA Site Screening
    This section conducts site screening assessments on sites with confirmed or suspected contamination to document if there was a release of hazardous substances and to evaluate the site for possible inclusion on the National Priorities List (NPL).
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Guidance for Contamination Notification

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November 14, 2008

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