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The Florida Legislature has established a state-funded program to cleanup properties that are contaminated as a result of the operations of a drycleaning facility or wholesale supply facility (Chapter 376, Florida Statutes). The program is administered by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The statute was sponsored by the drycleaning industry to address environmental, economic, and liability issues resulting from drycleaning solvent contamination. The program provides limited liability protection to the owner, operator and real property owner of drycleaning or wholesale supply facilities for cleanup of drycleaning solvent contamination if the parties meet the eligibility conditions stated in the law.

Notice of Advanced Site Assessment for Drycleaning Solvent Cleanup Program Sites
(Updated June 15, 2017)

The Drycleaning Solvent Cleanup Program (DSCP) has provided the below links for information regarding the Advanced Site Assessment process for eligible DSCP sites. These documents may be updated periodically by the DSCP. For additional information please contact Aaron Cohen at (850)-245-8974 or via email at Aaron.Cohen@dep.state.fl.us.


Information on the Registration Certificate Requirement

Drycleaning Solvent Cleanup Program 2017 UPDATE

Update your Drycleaner or Wholesale Supply
Registration Information Online

DEP Business Portal Registration Page

Drycleaning and Wholesale Supply Facility
Registration Form and Instructions

Notice Letter for Joint Registration

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2017 Drycleaning Certificates of Registration Issued Report - Excel spreadsheet lists the drycleaning facilities that have been issued a drycleaning registration certificate. Information includes: County, facility identification number, name & address, & issue date. The report is accurate and up to date. Updated - October 03, 2017

Program Information

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For more information, contact the Drycleaning Solvent Cleanup Program at:
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Mail Station 4520
2600 Blair Stone Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2400
(850) 245-8705

Last updated: October 03, 2017

Waste Cleanup Program #850-245-8705 MS #4505


Division of Waste Management #850-245-8705 MS #4500
2600 Blair Stone Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2400

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