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Q. How much waste is Recycled in Florida Annually?

A. In 2009 Floridians diverted 11,831,482 tons or 38% of Municipal Solid Waste from the landfill through recycling. A complete breakdown of Florida's Solid Waste Management can be viewed in the Solid Waste Annual Reports. There, you will find a breakdown of Florida's solid waste and recycling information.

Q. Where can I Recycle in my community?

A. To find out where to take your recyclables, contact your local county recycling coordinator. or visit the Community Recycling Program page for additional guidance.

Q. My recycling (or trash) was not picked up this morning, what can I do about it?

A. If the service is included in your utility bill then you need to call your city/county at the number given on the bill.

If you are located in the unincorporated area, you will need to contact your local county recycling coordinator.

Q. I would like to start a Recycling Program in my school or office. Is there information available to get me started?

A. For information about K-12 school recycling, please visit the Educational Resources page.

For information about college and university recycling, visit the Commercial and Institutional Recycling page.

Q. Is there any assistance available to help a recycling company that is located in Florida?

A. Florida initiated the Florida Recycling Loan Program (FRLP) in 1995, which lends money at prime interest rate to help new Recycling dealers get started and old dealers come up to date. More information on the FRLP is available at http://www.ffcfc.com/loan-programs/florida-recycling-loan-program and on our Recycling Loan Program page.

Newer businesses or businesses looking to move to Florida may want to contact the Florida Recycling Business Assistance Center where businesses can find information about markets, financing and even permitting.

Q. How do I start a recycling business?

A. Visit the Florida Recycling Business Assistance Center website and select the "Business Assistance" link.

Q. I want to sell my product in Florida and I need to know the labeling requirements regarding the recycling arrows?

A. Please see F.S. 403.708 (7) as well as F.S. 403.7193 (1) and (2). These can be found by typing in the statute number on the internet at this link:

Last updated: August 29, 2017

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