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Volunteering at GTM Research Reserve - Stewardship Activities Quick Links

Volunteering Opportunities - Stewardship Activities

  • Invasive Plant Control: Assist staff with the identification and removal of invasive plant species from the Reserve. (occasional)
  • Reserve Restoration: Assist staff with planting of native species on Reserve properties. (occasional)
  • Trail Maintenance: Assist staff with maintenance of trail signs, trail visibility, and benches. May also include litter removal from trail areas. (ongoing)
  • Ranger Assistants: Assist Rangers with duties such as litter control and light maintenance or construction projects. (ongoing)
  • Biological Surveys: Assist with monitoring activities such as monitoring nesting birds or identifying gopher tortoise burrows. (varies)
  • Archaeological Assistant: Assist with protection, restoration and public outreach programs related to culturally and historically significant locations within the Reserve. (occasional)
Least tern volunteers

Volunteers post signs to advise of nesting birds.

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