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Habitat and Species Management at GTM Research Reserve Quick Topics

There is an immediate need to evaluate ecosystem science to establish baseline conditions to evaluate and prioritize future management activities. Previous management plans include habitat and species inventories that need to be updated. Long-term standardized monitoring is necessary to evaluate trends in the condition of GTM Research Reserve's water quality and biological resources. Biological monitoring should focus on multiple trophic levels (e.g., phytoplankton, zooplankton, macroinvertebrates, fishes and marine mammals).


  • Develop a habitat map for tidal and submerged resources.
  • Establish long-term baseline information about estuarine and oceanic species.
  • Reduce damage by off-road vehicles along the Tolomato River and restore damaged salt marsh.
  • Reduce mortality of by-catch associated with fishing at Guana Dam.
  • Address spillway management at the dam to support the sustainability of fishing.
  • Increase activities to improve public awareness of GTM Research Reserve's mission.
  • Continue and improve the prescribed fire program.
  • Continue and improve the invasive species control program.
  • Reduce illegal foot traffic across dunes and restore damaged dunes.
  • Restore hydrologic alterations and use prescribed fire to restore freshwater marshes.
  • Reduce disturbance of sea turtle and least tern nesting by human activities.
  • Reduce impacts to sea turtles by artificial lighting.
  • Address beach erosion by serving as a guide decisions affecting beach renourishment, inlet management and stabilization projects.
Leatherback turtle

Leatherback turtle

Freshwater depression marshes are rare in present day Florida.


Improve the conservation of natural biodiversity within GTM Research Reserve.

More information on how GTM Research Reserve is addressing habitat and species management is available within the GTM Research Reserve Management Plan (pdf - 12.8 MB).

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