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Archaeological and Historical Resources at GTM Research Reserve Quick Topics

Northeast Florida has experienced a long interaction between humans and nature. The region is of special interest because of the comprehensive documentary record of human settlement and landscape modification beginning at an early date. The detailed records of the Native American, Spanish, French, British and American inhabitants indicate that these cultures adapted in very different ways. Burning, clear-cutting, plowing, dredging, filling, ditching and drainage are all evident throughout the historical record.

There are currently 61 recorded archaeological sites within the boundaries directly managed by GTM Research Reserve, including a burial mound, numerous shell middens, a Spanish mission and homestead sites.

Major prehistoric and historic sites include:

  • Shell Bluff Landing
  • Guana River Shell Ring
  • Guana River Site
  • Sanchez Mound
  • Little Orange Site
  • Summer Haven Site
  • Faver-Dykes State Park
  • Washington Oaks Gardens State Park
  • Princess Place Preserve
  • Matanzas Inlet

Although likely to be significant, much less is known about underwater archaeological resources. GTM Research Reserve has cosponsored symposia on underwater archaeology to bring together experts in this field and promote collaboration and educational initiatives within GTM Research Reserve.

Map of archaeological resources at GTM Research Reserve

Cultural resources of the northern component excluding sites with known Native American artifacts

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