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The Role of Life History and Demography in Understanding Sea Turtles


GTM National Estuarine Research Reserve
Environmental Education Center
505 Guana River Road
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 3082 
(904) 823-4500

Date and Time

  • Thu, Jan 30, 7 - 8 pm


Join us at the GTM Research Reserve to hear the lessons learned from decades of collaborative research on the life history and demography of endangered and threatened sea turtles. Dr. Larry Crowder of Stanford University will discuss population modeling studies and reproductive value as a useful metric to examine threats and to scale impact on different life history stages of sea turtles (Atlantic loggerhead, Kemp's ridley and leatherback turtles). Dr. Crowder will introduce some looming issues with climate change and skewed sex ratios of North Atlantic loggerhead turtles. He will make the point that a variety of methods is necessary to enhance our understanding of sex ratios, ontogenetic shifts, vital rates, risk of extinction, and potential risks due to acute (e.g., oil spills) or chronic threats (climate change).

Dr. Crowder's research provides resource managers with a "toolkit" of methods to better adapt to climate change (one of Florida Sea Grant's programmatic focus areas). Dr. Crowder advocates the useful application of these approaches to, not only sea turtles, but a wide variety of long-lived species. He will stress that scientists and managers need to utilize these methods to concentrate their time, energy and resources on the most important questions that lead to the greatest conservation impact for protected species.

Dr. Crowder is the Science Director for the Center for Ocean Solutions and the Senior Fellow and Edward Ricketts Provostial Professor at Hopkins Marine Station for Stanford University.

Please reserve your spot here: gtmseaturtlelecture.eventbrite.com

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