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Title V Annual Emissions Fee On-line Information Center

As amended by the Florida Legislature in 2013, annual emissions fees collected by the Department from major sources of air pollution (Title V sources) are based on the actual amount of regulated air pollutants emitted. DEP Form No. 62-210.900(5), Annual Operating Report for Air Pollutant Emitting Facility [Including Title V Source Emissions Fee Calculation], and instructions, are available at: http://www.dep.state.fl.us/air/rules/forms/aor.htm.

Resources to help you complete your 2014 AOR are available on the electronic AOR (EAOR) website at: http://www.dep.state.fl.us/air/emission/eaor. If you have questions or need assistance after reviewing the information posted on the EAOR website, please contact us by phone at (850) 717-9000 or email at eaor@dep.state.fl.us.

The following information is available to assist in understanding the automatic calculation of annual emissions fees and the requirements for submitting the appropriate Title V Annual Emissions fee:

  • The Title V Annual Emissions Fees will be automatically calculated by the Electronic Annual Operating Report (EAOR) application based upon the actual emissions reported for each pollutant specifically regulated at the Title V facility. Upon completing the EAOR entries, an invoice can be printed by the source showing which of the reported emissions are subject to the fee and the total Title V Annual Emissions Fee that is due.

  • Because the Title V Annual Emissions Fees are automatically calculated according to programming logic based on the Title V fee rule, each Title V source must submit the AOR using the DEP's EAOR software unless the Title V source claims a technical or financial hardship for using the EAOR. In which case, the source may submit DEP Form No. 62-210.900(5) and the appropriate Title V Annual Emissions Fee to the DEP by mail, instead of using the reporting software.

  • For calendar year 2014 emissions and beyond, the applicable fee factor is set at $30/ton of pollutant(s) emitted. The applicable fee factor is programmed into the EAOR logic and will be used to automatically generate the total fee due for the calendar year emissions. Please note that if the calculated fee payment is not postmarked or electronically submitted by April 1st, the Department shall impose, in addition to the fee, a penalty of 50 percent of the amount of the unpaid fee, plus interest on such amount.

  • The interest rate for the calendar year 2014 fees that are due but not paid by April 1, 2015, as established pursuant to Section 55.03, Florida Statutes, has been set at 4.75% per annum (0.396% per month). This interest rate is subject to change on a quarterly basis, so if you are making a payment after April 1st, please check with one of the fee contacts for the current interest rate.

  • The Department strongly encourages facilities to complete the EAOR as soon as possible in order to provide yourselves adequate time for reviewing the automatically calculated fees and requesting the generation of a payment for submissions prior to the April 1st due date.

  • After reviewing this information and first resolving any AOR related questions, if you still have questions related to the automatic calculation of the Annual Emissions Fees, please contact the specified fee contact listed in the Fee Contact List available below.

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Last updated: June 26, 2015

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